Empty Spice Jars – Must Buy These Rectangular Glass Storage

These Empty Spice Jars in a rectangular shape are great for  kitchen herb and spice storage. These spice jars are a must buy for every kitchen, if you are looking to organise things, as well as upping your shelfie game. These jars have a 120ml capacity- which is enough to store and organise most herbs and spices can be bought from Amazon delivered to your door.

Compact Storage Solution

Besides storing these spice jars in your kitchen cabinets, the jars are compact which means you can easily fit them on a standard spice rack or cutlery drawer. These empty spice jars are airtight which means that your herbs and spices will remain fresh for a long period of time.

This clever food solution can enhance the look of your drawers and the added symmetry will give you the illusion of more space as your spice area will be much more decluttered.

You could even organise your jars and spices: into zones

of breakfast, baking, savoury, or desert ingredients inside your pantry; arrange them alphabetically; or arrange them depending on what you use most often when cooking or baking. The possibilities are endless and entirely up to you.

A commonly asked question is “where do I store the rest of the spice that doesn’t fit in empty spice jar?”

And my answer to that is: you can always have a separate box with your leftover ingredients. Personally, I tend to top up my spice jars every six weeks- and I cook at home almost 5-6 times a week.
This saves me money as I can buy a lot of my herbs and spices in bulk and only refill them when I need to. Not only does this reduce the amount of waste from my household, but it also reduces how often I need to go to the shops.

Another commonly asked question is, “How do you remember when you refilled your spices?”

In response to this: I use the chalk pen provided to chalk the date when I refilled my jars on the bottom or back of the jar. Also, I keep them in a cool, dark place as sunlight and heat can affect the taste of the spice and herbs. Alternatively, if your kitchen does not get a lot of light, you could keep them on the countertop. As a perk, these storage jars come with stickers so that you can label your spices and herbs. So you can write the names of some rarer spices or spice mixes you make yourself, they also come with some plain labels which you can write on with your chalk pen.

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