Small Kitchen Peninsula – Perfect way to make use of limited space

What is a peninsula?

A peninsula is similar to a kitchen island. However, it is connected to rest of your kitchen or a wall on one side. It can be long and narrow depending on the space you have available in your kitchen. A peninsula is most suited for a small to medium kitchen. It can be installed in place of a kitchen island to provide more seating, storage or counter space. Read on, if you are looking for a quality small kitchen peninsula.

A small kitchen peninsula has many benefits:

1) More counter space: Peninsula can be used for prep and cooking, so there’s no wasted space.

2) More storage: Some peninsulas come with cabinets which provide more storage space for kitchen utensils.

3) More flexibility: Peninsula designs allow more freedom in terms of placement within your kitchen design because they do not need to be centred – unlike kitchen islands.  This means you can choose a location that works best for your kitchen layout without losing functionality

A kitchen peninsula is a great choice if you have limited kitchen space

A peninsula is a great choice if you want to make the most out of your kitchen space. Unlike a kitchen island a peninsula does not take too much space in a kitchen. Unlike a kitchen island which has to pe placed centrally (in most cases) and takes up substantial amount of space – peninsulas can be attached to walls of a kitchen on a side of kitchen cabinets providing a good use for kitchen space.

As peninsulas do not take a great amount of space, these are most suited for small kitchens. A peninsula is also a good choice for a kitchen if you do not want to dedicate entire space to a kitchen island.

Things to consider before buying a peninsula

A peninsula is great for small kitchens. Peninsulas come in many different shapes and sizes.

Here are some things to think about before you decide type of peninsula to buy for your kitchen:

Is there enough space?

It’s important to make sure that there’s enough room for a peninsula you are considering buying. You don’t want to make it feel crowded. Make sure you check the dimensions of a peninsula and measure the space where you will be installing the peninsula. If you are buying peninsula with bar stools or  will be adding seating to peninsula, then you need to make sure there is enough space for the seating.

This leads us to out next question:  What do you want to do with the peninsula?

If you’re interested in making food preparation more efficient, the peninsula might be a good option for you. If your goal is to create more seating space, then again a peninsula might be a best choice for a small kitchen.

Small kitchen peninsula with seating

To create a seating area in a small kitchen, the best option is to install a peninsula. It will provide working space as well as seating without taking up to much space.

A peninsula can come in a length as small as 120cm or 1.2 meters. For two people to sit comfortably we recommended a length of at least 120cm. Before buying a two person peninsula you must ensure it will fit easily in the space available without blocking any doorways or walking space.

120cm Kitchen peninsula with seating attached to a wall

This 120cm small kitchen peninsula is available to be purchased from Amazon. It comes in a variety of different colours to match your existing kitchen colour scheme. 120cm peninsula can easily fit two people. However, if you want a longer peninsula for the space available in your kitchen, then it can be bought in 180cm length.

This small kitchen peninsula comes in laminate finish with 2 years guarantee.

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