Fantastic Thermal Inkless Printer eco-friendly and portable

What is a thermal or inkless printer?

As the name suggests; thermal, ink free or inkless printer is a type of printers which unlike traditional printers doesn’t use ink to print. So, in other words it is a cartridge free printer which prints without the need of printer ink.

How does this printer work?

In case you are wondering how does this printer actually work without the use of ink cartridge, this printer uses  thermal technology to print on a carbonated paper. This is an advanced patented echo friendly technology which reduces wastage and carbon footprint.

What size paper inkless printer uses?

This printer uses durable A4 paper, which comes as a roll. The paper is produced using BPA-free recycled material.

Can I use normal A4 paper in a thermal printer?

Inkless printer require special A4 paper which is thicker and more durable than normal A4 paper. The normal A4 paper will simply burn through when the heat is applied.

Where can I buy inkless printer from?

This inkless printer is available to buy from Amazon. As it is a cartridge free printer, it does not need extra parts inside the printer which are used in printing process using the ink from the cartridge. As a results, this is compact size and portable which can be carried with you if desired.

The printer can be connected wirelessly to your phone by downloading an app. The printer also has a long lasting battery and can print 150 times without needing to charge.

What is the cost of the printer?

The printer costs  more than an inkjet printer. However, as it does not need ink cartridges it will be cheaper to run and save you money over time. Roughly, it will save you 50% compared to traditional inkjet printers.

What devices are compatible with inkless thermal printer?

The printer can be connected wireless to any smart mobile device such as Android, iPhones, iPads.

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